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Why no similar outcry when the Bible was recently mocked and Christians offended?

Recent days have witnessed an outpouring of condemnation directed towards Pastor James McConnell, minister of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast, over his comments in a sermon about Islam. We have had the 'former' IRA commander and Joint First Minister, Martin McGuinness, along with the moderator of the ecumenical Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Rev Dr Rob Craig, voicing their opposition. An assortment of others from the secular and ecumenical classes, including Alliance's East Belfast MP Naomi Long; MLAs Anna Lo, Alex Attwood, John O'Dowd and Danny Kinahan; Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary, Ivan Lewis, Northern Ireland Secretary, Theresa Villiers and Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Eamon Gilmore, have all come out to join in the chorus of condemnation as they castigate Pastor McConnell for his comments. When you have these types of individuals arrayed against you, what you say must indeed be the truth. A man is known by those who oppose him, as much as by his friends!

However, it is worth remembering that when the Bible was mocked and ridiculed a few months back in The Theatre at the Mill in Newtownabbey [For details click here] no such outpourings of condemnation were forthcoming from these individuals and their respective constituencies. At best, they stood by and were quite happy for the Bible to be mocked, without raising a single word of opposition. At worst, they insisted that the play must go ahead and the production must be allowed to mock the Bible in the name of free speech, civil liberties and a pluralist society.

It bears repeating that none of these individuals are publicly on record as raising a word of objection when the Bible was held up to mockery and ridicule. In fact, the local Alliance Party chairman of the Theatre's Artistic Board engaged in a most deceitful scheme to make sure that the offending play went ahead. See here - Dirty Tricks by the Artistic Board over Offensive Play

Yet when Pastor McConnell speaks out against Islam and describes this false religion as "heathen" and "satanic", there is a torrent of condemnation and abuse directed towards him. Where is the commitment to free speech, civil liberties and a pluralist society now? Does free speech and civil liberty only work one way? Are they only allowable when the Bible is being attacked but must be curtailed when false religions are spoken against?

Only one conclusion can be drawn from these recent events, namely, that it is perfectly acceptable to mock the Bible and to offend Christians, but you cannot say anything against Islam or Muslims. Once you utter a word against the false doctrines and practices of Islam, or any other false religion in this Province, as Pastor McConnell did, the wrath of the ecumenical and secular world comes down upon you.

What we have witnessed these past few days, from these lily-livered liberals, within the ecumenical and secular world, is a blatant exercise in two faced posturing and rank hypocrisy. It smacks of inconsistency. It simply begs the question: Why no similar outcry when the Bible was recently mocked and Christians offended? Their fake outrage at Pastor McConnell is exposed by the lack of any opposition to the offensive play recently allowed to go ahead in Newtownabbey and by their insistent demand that such a play must go on in the name of free speech.

There is a Biblical explanation for the conduct of these individuals. To permit the Bible to be attacked agrees with the natural prejudice of the sinful hearts of mankind. The natural heart hates the truth and loves the lie, Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be, Romans 8:7. The natural heart will therefore condone the mockery of the Bible but baulk at any questioning of false religions, such as Islam. 

Furthermore, nothing can be allowed to derail the ecumenical and secular agenda that is abroad in Northern Ireland political, religious and cultural society. Pastor McConnell, who was perfectly correct to describe Islam as he did, has exposed the hypocrisy of the ecumenical and secular elite. 


  1. Yes, Reverend, you are quite correct. Calling a minority group "untrustworthy" and "satanic" is completely comparable to giving the country's dominant religion a gentle, good-natured ribbing.

  2. I noticed ecumenical/charismatic Carnmoney Presbyterian assistant speaker and ear tickler Michael Wylie had an attack on Pastor McConnell and Rev Mervyn Gibson and called them bigots. You can read the nonsense here:

  3. Mr McClung,

    What constitutes a 'false' religion? I deduce by your tone it's everyone else's but yours. People who hold an ardent believe in religion over humanity have been responsible for every single massacre on this planet with the exception of natural disasters. Don't try and tell me that natural disasters are 'god's will' either, we both know that it's not. Christians, followers of Islam and Judaism to name but a few have killed, tortured and maimed each other in the name of god many times. Do you see a point here? When you start down a path like this and invest your entire belief in the literal interpretation of a book rather than what evidence is there before you, you have started down a dangerous path.

    I don't see how this kind of view is helpful to society, it leans towards intolerance and generates feelings of hatred from one group to another because we cannot see each other's point of view. This is something our Island has suffered from for FAR too long. You don't help to remove this. Perhaps you should go to your local library and read some more books. You might discover that every single word in the bible is not actually true. I will give you a head start, Adam and Eve were not the first humans and the earth is much older than you might believe.

    Anyway, I thought a Christian ethos was to 'turn the other cheek'?

    Seán Finnegan

  4. I would like to point out that there is a dfference between attacking or criticising a religious belief and attacking or criticising the adherents of that belief. It is also a good idea to have a full understanding of that which you seek to criticise.

  5. "Their fake outrage at Pastor McConnell is exposed". Could i make one observation on the quoted comment? i do not believe that the outrage was fake. these unregenerate pluralists have a very real outrage which is vented on all Christians from whatever background who hold the Holy Scriptures as God's infallible revelation to sinfull man and Jesus Christ as the only sufficient atoning sacrifice for sin. The strength of these Christians is in our closeness to the Lord and our likeness to Christ, not in flexing our Protestant 'muscles' to argue down the opposition. By our fruit they shall know us; let your light so shine before them. Thankyou for drawing attention to the reality of living in a secular, materialistic society.

  6. A good point well made. I was intrigued on hearing a local news announcer say on the radio on Saturday evening that Pastor McConnell had called Muslims "satanic". He did no such thing - he said that Islam was satanic. Important to remember that it was the religious system that he was denouncing, not the people per se.
    Would also be even-handed, not to mention encouraging, to see Anna Lo, Naomi Long, Martin McGuiness et al denouncing the savage persecution of Christians in N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, China etc.
    W. Macmillan

  7. What a load of tripe. Christians are running scared. They think that Islam is taking over the world (its not, the west has is more developed and has open borders and not restrictions on religous worship unlike a good chunk of the muslim countries in the world. Ilam is not taking over, it is just alot more spread out as a result!). Pastor Mc Connell spoke those words in fear. Fear because, A) he does not understand Islam (nor does he want to, as is proved by his repeated demonstration on nolan) and ....B) how else have the religious branded that which they oppose down through the years, that which they wish to stop...that which ultimately terrifies them? (in this case, big bad old Islam) Brand it as satanic, brand it as evil...SPAWNED IN HELL!

    All fire and brimstone passion...absolutely no sense.

    Sure, you might fervently believe that the little red man with his burning fiery pitchfork is behind it (islam) and that he "correctly described islam", but the rest of northern ireland see pastor mcconnell for what he is. Just another old dithering away pastor who may not knowingly be inciting hatred through fear, but is most definitely doing it on the pretence of the good old "my religion is right and yours isnt" card. First of all, you cannot use the word correctly...because you have no scientific empirical proof that what you are saying is true. Secondly, he has every right to say these things....but we as the public have every right to condemn what we see as un-needed and downright idiotic hate when he preaches in his church and rolls it out live online, you cannot complain when it draws criticism or gets made fun of.

    Also your comparison to the Newtownabbey play is absolutely ridiculous. If you call that tounge in cheek display mocking? you havent seen anything yet. . Not only did that play NOT incite hatred or directly brand millions of people as untrustworthy. but it was a damn good watch made by a bunch of good people alot more creative than the people who actually wrote the bible and the quaran. They made it better. The dup, however, saw themselves fit to be the moral guardians of everyone in their jurisdiction. Let me tell you this...not them, or any other government should evr have that right. And it was quite telling how the people reacted. The DUP did the play the best favour anyone could have done by banning it.

    Then onto my last raggedly put together point......"the ecumenical and secular elite".... who currently runs this country? The DUP/SF coalition Who has the most power? The dup. What are the dup? Christian. How do they try and run this country? according to their Christian beliefs. I dont quite get what you are saying me....the elite in this country is religious and determined to stop the progress of modern culture.

    Islam is as about as real as Christianity, and neither of the 2 can prove the other wrong, so its best to stick to preaching about your own religion and stop provoking the others because, as is what is happening now, it is coming back to bit northern Ireland as a whole. Even us non religious folk in N.I have to bear the brunt of these stupid comments. We are losing potential investments from Islamic nations, tourism, and just generally a bad image to the rest of the world as a backwards bigoted nation. As more people become enlightened, hopefully, this sort of behaviour will die out.


    This is on pastor McConnell head.

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  10. Reply to comments above

    First Anonymous comment - Typical response. Minimise the mockery of the Bible, maximise and misrepresent the comments on Islam. As emphasised elsewhere in the comments Pastor McConnell did not call Muslims 'satanic' rather he called 'Islam' satanic. A world of difference but evidently lost on you!

    Sean - There is only one true religion. The very concept of truth and God requires there to be one one true and living God. Yes I believe that Bible religion is true religion for a number of reasons but primarily because Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
    Your comments about religious adherents are a little hallow when you remember the numbers of people killed by the likes of Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev [60+ million]; Mao Tse Tung and his successors, [50+ million] and the 6-8 million unborn children murdered by abortion in the UK alone. In whose name did Hitler killed 6 millions Jews? It wasn't in the name of religion for as Goebbels wrote in 1941 Hitler "hates Christianity, because it has crippled all that is noble in humanity."

    An Embarrassed belfast man - Pastor McConnell said what he did in response to the report about the woman in Sudan who was to be killed for professing Christianity. It is a obvious fact that if true religion is of God then all false religion is satanic. Apply the rule you suggest to evolution and unbelief and a similar conclusion can be reached. You might not think mocking the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is offensive but many others do. Christian politicians have every right to exercise their authority according to their religious and moral convictions. Secular politicians having been exercising their authority according to their immoral/amoral and atheistic beliefs for years. What's the difference? Just another example of the intolerance of the secularists!

    If Pastor McConnell is responsible for the attack highlighted as you suggest, was he also responsible for the other racist attacks which have been taking place in Belfast. I would hazard a guess that the people who have committed these attacks aren't born again Christians or church going people. More likely they haven't a clue what the Bible teaches and never enter a Church door and don't believe in any God.

    Brian McClung


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